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Multi-channel approach to maximizing ad budget for reach and engagement of leads.



Paid Search Ads

Leverage Target Keywords for Search Engine Results

Target keywords to display ads on search engine results pages, reaching users actively searching for your products or services.

Shopping Ads

Drive High-Intent Traffic to E-Commerce Site

Feature product ads in search results with images and prices, driving high-intent traffic to your e-commerce site.

Local Service Ads

Boost Local Visibility with Google Guarantee Badge

Boost visibility locally with pay-per-lead ads that appear at the top of search results, featuring a Google Guarantee badge.

Banner Ads
Increase Brand Awareness

Boost brand awareness and visibility across various industry-related websites, reinforcing brand presence among potential clients.

Retargeting Potential Customers

Nurturing leads and converting interested prospects already familiar with your business. Targeted at users who have previously visited your website but did not make a purchase or inquiry.

Native Ads
Increase Website Engagement

Creating ads that blend within your website's pages. Encouraging more engagement from website visitors.

Sponsored Posts

Increase Reach and Engagement

Precision ad targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors to increase reach and engagement on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Display Ads

Static Images, Videos, and Carousels for Maximum Engagement

Showcase your products or services using static images, videos, or carousels. Enhance visibility and engagement across social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborative Promotion

Collaborate with industry influencers to promote your brand. Building connections with their massive followers to leverage trust and authority.

In-Stream Video Ads

Capture Attention for Maximum Impact

Play before, during, or after video content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram stories, and Facebook livestream, capturing viewer attention with engaging messages.

Outstream Video Ads

Reach Audiences Beyond Video Platforms

Autoplay within text content on websites and mobile apps, reaching users outside of traditional video platforms.

Social Media Video Ads

Boost Engagement and Reach Targeted Audiences

Advertise on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, leveraging video to boost engagement and reach targeted audiences.

Pre-Roll Podcast Ads

Capture Attention

Short ads played at the beginning of a podcast, capturing listener attention before the main content starts.

Mid-Roll Podcast Ads

Engage Listeners

Ads placed in the middle of a podcast episode, engaging listeners during a natural break in the content.

Post-Roll Podcast Ads

Leave a Lasting Impression

Ads played at the end of a podcast, leaving a lasting impression as the episode ends.

Newspaper Ads

Enhance Local or Regional Brand Visibility

Target a broad audience with impactful ads in daily or weekly newspapers, enhancing local or regional brand visibility.

Magazine Ads

Targeted Exposure to Specific Demographics

Reach niche audiences with high-quality ads in specialized magazines, offering targeted exposure to specific demographics.

Direct Mail Ads

Engaging Personalized Mailers

Engage potential customers directly with personalized mailers, delivering your message straight to their doorsteps.

TV Commercials

Impactful TV Commercials

Capture wide audiences with visually engaging ads during scheduled television programming, enhancing brand recognition.

Radio Spots

Reach Local or National Listeners

Reach local or national listeners with concise audio ads during radio broadcasts, driving immediate awareness and response.


Gain Audience Trust

Align your brand with popular TV or radio shows through sponsorship, gaining consistent exposure and audience trust.

Event Sponsorship

Boost Brand Visibility at Industry Events

Boost brand visibility by sponsoring industry events, gaining exposure to targeted audiences and enhancing credibility.

Trade Show Exhibitions

Directly Engage with Potential Customers

Showcase your products or services at trade shows or expos, engaging directly with potential customers and generating leads.

Event Promotions

Promote Across All Touchpoints

Advertise upcoming events through various channels, including social media, email marketing, and local publications, to attract attendees.

Multi-Channel Advertising Process

Step-by-Step Aproach to Maximize Ad Reach and Engagement


Initial Consultation

Team in-depth consultation to capture business objectives, reach, and ROI.


Strategy Development

Competitive and industry analysis reports provide KPI structure and lead generation timing.


Creative Development

Develop and create all ad content to leverage interaction and optimize lead generation.


Ad Launch Testing

Campaigns launched across selected channels to optimize performance.


Monitor Performance

Reporting details key metrics and insights to identifying trends and areas for improvement.


Ad Optimization

Continuous optimization reflects data performance with shifts in targeting and refined delivery.


Review and Feedback

Ad cycle reporting highlights performance matched to KPIs for feedback and optimization.


Capitalize on advertising powerful way to convert prospects and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Reach a Wider Audience
  • Consistent Visibility
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Conversion Optimization

ad service

Bolster lead generation and conversion

Capitalize on advertising powerful way to convert prospects and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Reach a Wider Audience
  • Consistent Visibility
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Conversion Optimization


What industries do you specialize in?


While we cater to a wide range of B2B and B2C industries, we have extensive experience in fashion, finance, food, pharma, and all manufacturing verticals.  Our strategies are adaptable and tailored to meet the unique needs of each industry.

What type of advertising campaigns do you offer?


Connect 360 offers PPC, social media, print, TV, radio, and events advertising services.

How much does advertising cost?


Several factors influence advertising costs, including the advertising platform (search, display, social media), target audience, industry competition, ad format (video, image, text), campaign duration, and overall advertising objectives. Each of these elements can affect the budget required to achieve desired results.

How do you measure the effectiveness of our ad spend?


We use various metrics to measure your ad spend's effectiveness, including click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost per lead (CPL), and overall ROI.

Clients Across Industries

Delivering solutions for diverse sectors
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